Program "Home" or "Reset" as a step

I’m having an issue with my Omtech where it “drifts” a little in the Y axis. I’ve done all I can think of to remedy this, and it’s better, but it still happens with big jobs.

The main trouble I have with this is when I have the machine engrave a series of individual designs on a single piece of 1/8th" plywood. I have the art on one layer, which it burns first, and the cutout design on another layer, which it does second. Often times, due to the slight drift, the art does not fit centered in the cutout.

One workaround I’ve found is to do a reset of the machine between engraving the art and cutting the shapes out. Right now, this is a manual operation that I have to do myself. Annoying, but until I figure out the bigger issue, it works for me.

I was wondering if there’s a way to programmatically “home” the laser in LB as part of the file. I’ve been able to to re-home my CNC between steps in the past by editing the g-code, but I don’t know LB well enough to start looking at code.


That suggests the Y axis acceleration or speed is set higher than the machinery can keep up with, so the motors lose a few steps along the way.

Lower the Y axis acceleration by a factor of four and the speed by a factor of two, which will require reducing the power to compensate, then test it on something cheap like cardboard. If it works, you can try increasing the values until it fails again.

Ignoring positioning errors by re-homing means all your projects will be have progressively worse cuts, which cannot end happily.

Unlike GRBL / LinuxCNC controllers, Ruida controllers run an undocumented binary data file that’s basically not editable.

The only way to fix a problem is … to fix the problem. :grin:

A picture showing the described symptom or behavior you’re seeing in the output would be great. We also really appreciate screen-capture images for comparison and so we can see the Settings in the Cuts / Layers window.

(I’m not quite ready to make a guess yet… ) :slight_smile:

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