Program keeps crashing on certain files

I’m a beginner so please be gentle.
I’m having a problem with one my files when I try to send to the laser the program shuts down.
I wondered if it was because I’m using a laptop with windows 7.
None of my other files seem to do it.

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You’re trying to send the file, and Lightburn forcibly closes?

Yes, Ive tried sending the file to the laser and tried operating the laser via lightburn but both of them close the program

Is the misbehaving file significantly larger or more complex than the others? Sometimes available memory is a limitation.

Which version of LightBurn, what is the size of file and if willing, post or share a public link to that file? If you’d rather keep the file private, send via email and include a link to this post for context.

It seems to be written for a different system. its a material test card from Omitech

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