Program really slow to respond

Hi Since i have installed the latest Lightburn update the program is running extremely slow, when i click on anything there is a delay of about 2 seconds and then if i scroll through fonts etc it waits and then jumps loads of fonts really quickly as if trying to catch up.

It has only started doing this since update and no other programs act this way on my system. Any help?

There’s nothing in this update that would cause this. Do you know which version you were using before?

  • Do you have a camera preview enabled?
  • Do you have a very large file loaded?
  • Do you store your files on a network drive?

Hi, i update every time an update comes out so whatever the last build was is what I was using, no don’t have a camera attached, file is no larger that one’s I have used before, intact I opened an old burn I did a few months ago and tried to make changes, and it was just so slow, and all the files are on the “c” drive same as program is on,

It got me stumped if other programs were doing the same then I could under stand but it is only Lightburn, RDworks works fine? where can I download the last version? Might see if I uninstalled this one and go back.

All the releases are available here:

Solved it, i looked at the disk usage and when i open lightburn, it went to 100% disk usage, turns out this is a problem with the latest windows 10 update it tries to optimise disk usage for certain programs, so had to change a few settings in windows config, not to optimise lightburn and now all back to normal.

Thanks for all your help.

That is bizarre - Haven’t heard that one before.

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