Program stops in only a few minutes run time - FoxAlien 40W (10 w)

New to Lightburn, Every thing initialized just fine, Following step by step tutorial from “JD Designs”, Laser sign video.
After only 3 or 4 minutes into the program execution, it just stops, No alarm or other indication appears.
The console window is showing continuous scrolling of info, too fast to see $$ info. It does not stop, even during execution or when I type in the “$$”.
What can I do?

does the same thing happen with any file or only this one?

I would try a different usb cable, as it could be an interrupted connection. Running laser and pc on different outlets (breaker circuits) could also solve it. Flicking a lightswitch on the same breaker circuit could introduce noise that would interfere with the usb connection.

One thing you might want to check (if you are using a laptop) is the USB timeout setting. I use a PC so that is not an issue for me. What I did have a problem with was certain apps (anti-virus & firewall) would randomly start up, and suck up all the CPU resources i.e., CPU usage at 100%, and my computer would just stop talking to the laser. No errors, it would just stop. I ruined a number of tumblers before I figured it out. You might want to have “Task Manager” up while running a job and watch your CPU usage to see if it’s maxed out when your laser stops. I ended up disabling those app (services) while I’m running a job, haven’t had a problem since. Just my two cents worth.

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Hi, Thanks for your input! I do have another device (a photo printer) which uses the same type of cable, and I know is reliable. I will try it out later today.

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to help. I also use a PC. It’s an HP Pavillion laptop running Windows 11. I will try the “Task Manager” idea and see what is happening there. Good idea, I didn’t think of that!

You’re welcome. When I typed PC I should have typed desktop. In my head I think of them as PCs (i.e. desktops) and laptops. I’ll try to be more specific next time :laughing:. You will see lots of posts from people with laptops having their USB time out on them, which is one of the causes for the issue you are having.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. I watched the task manager and my CPU never got above 6%, and the memory usage never exceeded 65%. I wiggled the USB cable, and it had no adverse effect while running. I turned off the layer I originally was burning and left the other two on. Same thing, still shut down.
My console is running commands like crazy so I can’t see what is happening there, moving too fast to read. Any help on why this is happening?

Do you have the offline controller for the FoxAlien? If so you may want to try it with that and see if the machine pauses. It would at least let you know if it is a possible USB cable issue. I’ve a FoxAlien Reizer Mega, and havent’ run into the problem. I guess you could also try lasergrbl to do a test burn, and see if it does the same thing. It would at least rule out lightburn if it does it on both, If so then I would look at power supply or something like that to make sure the laser is getting enough power to run.

Hi, Thanks for taking the time for me!
I do use the offline controller with my FoxAlien, by plugging in the SD cards and running the router in that way. Since the 40W laser is so powerful, I have the required external power supply which actually fires the laser, more than enough for the laser… The CNC control is through the controller as normal using the USB cable.
My next step is to a test with LaserGRBL and see how this works. Once again thanks for your ideas, I will try them out.

You can also try setting the transfer mode to synchronous, in the Edit > Device Settings menu (if that option is available). That way LightBurn will send a command to the laser and wait for it to respond ‘ok, got it’ before sending another. It’s technically a slower way to communicate, but it’s unlikely you will notice the difference, and it’s much more reliable/useful for problem solving.

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