Program Suggestions

Does any have suggestions for online website or downloadable program that can show projects I design? I am looking to make a bunch of proof of concept designs of wood grain and painting multiple layers without actually making each one of them. I love lightburn and I can use the fill layers option but can’t show wood grains etc. VCarve has a way to show cut examples of projects. I would love if you could do this in Lightburn and offer the ability to “paint” layers to create a proof.

Thank you!

I made them with Photoshop.
Even gave them a wood look and black or white.
With an action based on a layer.

Great thanks ! I guess I’ll have to look at buying photoshop. I use GIMP so I wonder if there is similar function.

There must be other programs that can do the same.
But this is how I did it.

Affinity Photo might be an option.

Thanks for the help!

Do you sell that design on etsy? I am curious about making a variation of it for a friend who is a proud bearded Vet :slight_smile:

I have no clue how I found it… but if you want it, I can share it here.

No problem, thanks !!!