Program won't stop

Just purchased Lightburn last night. First kick at it. Problem: Trying to cut out a rectangle, 15 passes. After 15 passes, timer stops, halts at 99%, and machine continues to cut until I manually click Stop button. Am I missing something? It didn’t do this in the trial version.

Are you sure the machine had actually completed the 15 passes, and not just that the console said they were sent? A rectangle is only 4 GCode commands, so several of them will fit in the GCode buffer of the machine. If you drew a circle, there would be many more commands, and shorter, so the console would be closer to what was being run.

The console just tells you what is sent - the machine will keep running until it completes everything in the buffer, and then it goes to 100% completion.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. I’ll try again tonight. Thanks so much for your quick response.

As follow up, Thank You Oz, you were exactly right.