Program would not restart after a slight pause

I had a major issue with the pause feature last night. I have used it many times in the past and had great success. Last night i pause the project for only a few seconds to move material and removed the pause when i was finished. Machine never started back up. I waited for ten min to no avail. I thought the Shapeoko had stopped working, but i shut down the lightburn software and restarted the program. it worked after the restart. long story short, i lost hours of progress to a few seconds of pause. I had to resurface the material and start from scratch.
Is this a known issue?
Windows 10 Shapeoko xxl Jtech laser.
Thank you

No known issue with pausing a job unless you lost communication with the laser. USB ports can be put into sleep state. Electrical interference form another device can cause loss as well. Faulty USB connectors/cable?

There are several things that can cause you to lose the comms with the laser, but nothing has been reported about pause/resume failures.

This happens to me also; GRBL attached via USB (no external hub), OSX. Pause/resume is not reliable.

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