Programmatically determine if there is a burn happening

I want to write a script that gets executed when I click burn on the lightburn software. I want this script to turn on an exhaust fan and my air assist. Is this possible somehow? I’m also ok with the script polling something (lightburn, the laser, something else). Thanks!

You don’t need a script - your controller handles such things natively

huh, so how do I set up my controller to turn on my air assist compressor and to turn on an exhaust fan when I start a burn?

You start by identifying the firmware in your controller, it’s pins and functions and work it out from there.

Not being a mind reader, that’s about all the assistance I can give

We don’t have any form of scripting in LightBurn at this point. It’s something I’d like to add in the future, but it’s not trivial to do.

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