Programs opening different

I have Lightburn on my computer and on the computer connected to the laser when i create a circle with a letter centered then open it up on the computer connected to the laser it is no longer centered ??

Is the font missing on the laser-connected computer perhaps? Try converting the letter to paths before you transfer it. Or, since it’s just a letter inside a circle, create the file on the laser-connected computer instead.

Hi Blake it just changes when i open it between the 2 different Lightburn programs ?

Care to post the lbrn file here, and we can check it out?

My Computer.lbrn (238.7 KB) Computer connected to laser.lbrn (238.6 KB)

Quite strange. Are you using the same version of LB on both computers? Are there differences in operating systems?

checking into the versions now

Make sure you have:

  • The origin point on both systems set the same
  • The same font installed on both computers

The origin point being different is likely the issue in this case

Turns out it was the version one computer was 9.05 and the other was 9.07.

Thanks for the help !!

It was the origin point after all thanks again !!!


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