Project opening with old cut settings

I have have many lbrn files saved. However, I have notice that when I load a lbrn file, I do not always get the Cut Settings that I had saved previously. Just yesterday I loaded a previous run lbrn file, and I got Cut Settings for one layer which included multiple passes and Z-axis stepping that was definitely not part of my lbrn file, but “left over” from a previous user. Note that the laser had been powered off, and Lightburn reloaded on the control computer before I loaded and ran my job file. What - exactly - is the interaction between Lightburn and a Ruida controller when it comes to loading and running a lbrn file? It really seems like some layer settings are retained in the Ruida controller and will sometimes carry over to the next person running the laser. I have suspected this several times, but was never exactly sure what had happened. Seeing the extra Z-axis parameters, I was positive - those was not in my lbrn file.

The most likely thing you’re doing is Importing your LightBurn files instead of Opening them.

“Open” replaces the content of the current file with the one being loaded.

“Import” works like importing any other type of vector file - it reads the vector data into your current project, but does not affect the cut settings. This is useful for merging two projects, but since I can’t be sure which cut settings you want to keep if there’s a conflict, I just made it behave identically to other imports.

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Definitely opened the file. As a matter of fact, I found the file - then double-clicked to open it in Lightburn. I do import many design files into Lightburn - but not in this case.