Project too small

Hi, can somebody help me please?
My machine has an area of 400 x 400 mm and I have designed a project that is 300 x 200mm. I have set the origin to the centre of the board I wish to cut. When I load the G code and frame the project, it would appear that the origin has been set to the bottom left. This would not be a problem, because I could adjust the starting point, but for some reason the project is framed at only 25% of the size it should be.
This is not the 1st time that this has happened and I am completely in the dark as to the cause. Can someone enlighten me please?

Cheers, Gareth

In Lightburn or other software?

Are you willing to share the GCode file? What is the full Filename with the extension? Where was the GCode generated?

This is strange. if the size was off by about 25:1 it could be the ratio between mm and inches.

If you’re willing to share the file here, we can get some eyes on it. If you’d prefer to keep the file private you’re welcome to send it to me here.

If the file doesn’t upload, please add .txt to the end of the filename and retry.

Yes, I only use lightburn software. Yesterday, I took my laptop into the workshop and run the project directly from the computer. It works perfectly, exactly as it should. Previously I had been running the programme from the microSD card that came with my machine which is a longer 5 10 W laser. So the problem would appear to be connected to the microSD card rather than Lightburn software, that appears to be working perfectly.

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