Projects are "horizontally flipped" when using my network PC

Here’s a strange one, but probably a simple fix, but can’t seem to put my finger on it…

I have 2 PC’s with lightburn installed. One connected directly to the laser over usb, and the other connects over my network. The one connected via usb works fine, but the one over the network sends everything to the laser ‘horizontally flipped’ It looks fine on screen, and if I open it on the usb device it also shows it flipped…
Any clues?
Thanks in advance

Ahhh sorry, just found the solution… always the same isn’t it!!! :-/

It would be nice if you posted the solution for other poor souls who are looking for the answer…

Also mark it solved…

Take care


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yes, please post the solution.

The solution is to make sure your “device origin” in “Edit>Device Settings” is set to the same point on each of your PC’s, that was my problem, and is now all good :slight_smile:

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