Public Beta Release - 1.5.00

I’m sorry. When we set the number of passages of cleaning layers in 3D mode, the laser cleans only the layer that was engraved. If I put every 3rd pass, the laser will clean the 3rd layer, then the 6th, then the 9th. But you need the laser to clean the 1st layer, the largest layer. It turns out that if I put every 3rd cleaning pass, the laser should engrave 1-2-3 layer and then clean the 1st, then 4-5-6 engrave, clean the 1st. Lightburn also successfully engraves in 3D mode with automatic angle rotation! I can send video of comparison.

I thought I was properly accounting for this - the code attempted to do this properly, but I got the math backwards. I’m correcting this now.

I do not see how this can be true, as the code is hard wired to do 90 degree passes. If you set 3DSlice mode to run a low number of passes, and then globally ran the cut multiple times with an auto-advance, that would sort of work. I cannot guarantee the passes will properly align, which is the entire reason we disallow this.

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Set passes in clean layer 1 and auto-rotate angle, set power and over settings like for engraving. But in engraving set power 0 and high speed. And the you can see that slices with auto-rotate angle of hatch. I can send video to you tomorrow. In my first message in this topic you can see result, perfectly 3d

Or we need some dot correction. For example ldesigner and halaser software can read scanned image of 25x25 dots(black paper, white marks, scanned on typically home scanner), search coordinates of dots or center of crosses, compares with real , it possible to write in opencv.

The clean layer will auto rotate, yes, but not the image engraving. Since the cleaning layers are not intended to cut into the metal, slight misalignment there is acceptable.

Draggable guidelines.

I am not sure if it is a bug or a feature. But when I group something, the guidelines are grouped as well.

This can cause some problems when the guidelines go through other parts of the design which I want to delete and my selectionbox crosses the guidelines.

(does this make sense?)


yes I can email you. Please tell me the email address and the person I should email it to.

It would be really great if the topic could be prioritized. I am sure that many LB users have this problem but do not immediately contact LB support. I have already spoken to a few people about this issue and it is very important.

VG Michael

I’m sending files for testing, I’m also sending a video that auto-rotate the angle works very well for 3D

ДЛЯ ОТПРАВКИ РАЗРАБ 3Д СТАЛЬ 3д МОПА М7 30 вт 163л.lbrn2 (389,9 КБ)
ДЛЯ 3 Д МОПА М7 30 ВТ 163Л.lbdev (5,0 КБ)

Guide lines are just lines drawn as tool layers. We may change this in the future, but this was the simplest way to get them in and working quickly. If you don’t want to be able to group or edit them, select, right-click, lock.

So, what you’ve done here is just used the cleaning pass to do your engraving, instead of the image pass.

Yes, it will run, but as I’ve said, the layers will shift relative to each other because rotation resamples the image, and the library we use for it doesn’t perfectly align the outputs. The amount of shift is likely very small because of the tiny line interval, but using larger interval values will make it more apparent.

" * Enable inline power mode for SnapMaker (available with recent firmware update to some machines)"
Where is this option located?
Which device profile do you recommend for the Snapmaker 2 A350?
I’ve been using the Marlin profile with satisfactory results with V 1.4.05.

Marlin SM2 Com 3 1.6W_10W_20W_40W.lbdev (6.2 KB)

Suggestion for the improvement of the German localization. “Referenzfahrt” is not common German (i.e. easily understandable), so suggesting:

<         <translation>Referenzfahrt</translation>
>         <translation>Home (Ursprung)</translation>
<         <translation>Referenzfahrt des Lasers in X/Y festlegen</translation>
>         <translation>Bewegt den Laser zu Home Position (Ursprung) in X/Y</translation>

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@adammhaile - can you answer this one? I believe this was yours.

Thank you. I will pass this along to the translators.

All builds of LightBurn 1.5.00 public beta have been updated.

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Hi, you have released an update. Checked the operation of the cleaning mode in 3D, still cleans as before.((( p.s. maybe i dont understand new features.

1.5.00 is now released: