Public Betas can be downloaded from here HOW LOL

So I would like to down load the BETA Version but when I go to that section I am sent to various files it is not clear to me which one I should download. Also it is unclear how I download the files to lightburn , the exact process. These things may be obvious to most people I don’t know but they are not clear to me and perhaps some others who are not that savy with laptops and software etc

Lightburn is supported on Mac (dmg), Linux as a file that runs (.run) or as a compressed package (.7z)…

The .exe files are for Windows, either 32 or 64 bit.

The bridge are for the raspberry PI lightburn bridge.

You probably need the 64 bit .exe file for windows… double click on it…

Make sense?

Good luck


Yes i DOUBLE click and it will update lightburn just like that? cool let me see

Nope …nothing can be that simple I try to download the file and I get these errors photos attached.

Either reboot before attempting to install or open Task Manager and close all “COM Surrogate” processes and restart installer.

Okay thanks seems fine now

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