Public Service Announcement - and a small rant

I have been noticing more posts than usual with limited or absent hardware/firmware information being presented. This requires us to ask and for the poster to answer. This slows the process and consumes a lot of valuable time on both sides.

We provide a spot in each member profile for this information and it is visible to anyone that clicks on a poster’s nameplate. Mine currently looks like this (although I’m going to update soon with more gear). :wink:


As you know, LightBurn supports a large variety of laser systems. The UI is dynamic, meaning the interface changes based on the device profile you have defined, providing only the relevant options that are supported by that platform. Having this information available for quick review, without having to ask, speeds our ability to respond with the most appropriate responses and provide the fastest possible resolution to an issue.

Look at it this way, we will ask for this information if not provided in your profile, we must. By updating your profile, you won’t have to repeat yourself each time you want some assistance. So, please, update your user profiles people. Pretty please!

(small rant over)