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hi, after having used an engraver and another person’s software for months, now that I have my own S9, I would like to buy Lightburn (on a pc not connected to the internet, as a hobby)
and I would like to ask you some question:

I have to click on the link: G-Code License Key ?

to use lightburn the pc must necessarily connect to the engraver at least once?

thanks for any replies

You will need to transfer the data from your computer every time you want to engrave. On my machine, I can transfer with a memory stick or connect my computer via USB.

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(thanx for the reply)

basically I have two PCs, one connected to the engraver (without internet) and the other (from which I will purchase the license) NOT connected to the engraver on which, however, I would like to install the same lightburn to design or modify projects to be brought to the first computer via usb stick — I doubt that AT LEAST once you have to connect the engraver to the computer to be able to start lightburn … in your opinion it is not necessary, right?

You can easily work with LightBurn without being online or connected to your laser. But you need to create the same machine profile for your laser in LightBurn on both computers (just copy the profile from that computer with the laser), otherwise you may have problems with projects “designed” on one computer and “produced” with the other computer with the laser connected.
In the long run, it is advisable to have both computers on lan. Then it is easy to send the files back and forth and also easier with updating of LightBurn which happens regularly.


thanks … I bought the license and installed LB on the two computers, copying the setting (only the work area) of the engraver also on the one not connected, which allowed me to start LB on both PCs, which being in places different, cannot be connected.

- I think I read that LB already had the settings available for the most famous engravers (including the S6 sculpfun) … is this true or not?

Not quite. LightBurn can connect to general devices running GRBL but does not have a database of specific settings for every device. It can, however, read certain GRBL configurations at initial install time if “Find my Device” works correctly. However, if you install manually it won’t pickup those values. Either way, it’s not a huge deal as I think the only values LightBurn will read are for S Value Max ($30) and Work Area size ($130, $131).

If you want to make sure the settings are the same for both, go to Devices button in Laser window on your primary installation, then export your current device configuration. Then import that configuration file on the second installation of LightBurn.

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great, thank you all … now I just have to be able to enter the “license Portal” … if by tomorrow I will not be able to do so I will ask for more information. - Thanks again for the help

Hello again:

as anticipated in the previous messages, I bought the license but the attempt to access the “License Portal” is not successful, because when it asks me for Username and password, it does not accept the credentials with which I registered on this forum: yesterday I also clicked on “Forgot Password” but the email that the system indicates to have sent NEVER reached my address. - Can anything be done? (as long as the License Portal is a place I can access)

ps: I also checked the antispam

It’s not the forum email that’s used for the License Portal. It’s the email that was used during time of purchase.

If you continue to have issues reach out to support@lightburnsoftware.com directly.

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I had thought about it too … but to pay I used Paypal … and it seemed strange to me to have to put a Paypal user and pass in it

cmq is gone, I had to reset the password but it is gone, thanks again

(and I thought there could be content, projects, reserved only for certified users)

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