Putting laser program on a part that you just made

So I’m wandering if you can put a logo on a cup holder that was just made, and if so how would that be done ? See I’m making a little cup holder for a friend and would like to burn his logo on the rim or in the center as this picture shows, rather then cutting it out as it would look more professional.

Consider to use scrap plywood, MDF or even cardboard or heavy paper to create a template. The template should represent as accurately as possible the existing item. In this case, measure the circle perimeter in which you wish to engrave.

Secure your template material in such a manner as to allow you to slide the item under, once the template is cut. I would, in this example, use a tall strip of paper attached to the bed with a spacer to match the thickness of the engraved item. It may be necessary to secure the strip at the top as well as the bottom and/or middle to have a uniform height while the engraved item is absent.

With the LB template set to the diameter required, cut away the paper, then insert under the paper the item until precisely aligned. Secure from movement and remove the paper template. Adjust the focus accordingly.

You can then edit the LB template to reflect the required engraving.

Ok, that makes sense :thinking:. Thanks again for your time and support!!

Another thought popped into my alleged mind. I suggested to remove the paper template, but if you are performing multiple engravings on these items, you’d want an easy semi-permanent reference and should leave the paper in place. It’s not likely to take additional cuts and should cause no problems.

Ok thanks, that’s good to know

I always just use a scrap piece of material, usually some 3mm birch, and cut the template out of there. Remove the blank, leaving the outer wood piece clamped in place, drop in your item into the void and run. Its also much easier to remove the blanks without disturbing the jig if you make a couple notches along the edge to get your fingers into.

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Ok thanks :pray:, on a side note how thick of plywood can you cut through with a 5500mw laser? I currently have a 500mw laser but am upgrading and would like to have a idea of that, because I’ve seen videos on it just always very blunt on that subject so I don’t know how to set the heat and speed of the laser. Lol sorry I’m new to lasers is there a formula that you can use when programming?

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