Puzzle template laser will not follow shapes only traverses

I would love some help to cut out a puzzle my laser only sees the layout as a image not shapes or lines
any suggestions? thanks

If your puzzle is being processed as an image, you should use the trace feature to change it to lines/vectors in order to make it perform in the manner you require.

In the tools menu, look for “Trace Image” and play around with the sliders to see how it will look. I’ve turned on the “show points” to see better where the nodes will appear. Once you’ve traced the image, you can adjust them with the nodes tool to get more accurate results.

Of course, a clean black and white set of lines will trace better than a fuzzy image, and yet my attempt with a fuzzy, multi-colored image turned out pretty decent.

Fred thank you for the help I traced the image it looked good so I burned it.
it burned single parts perfect however with a space between this took twice as long and the parts have large gaps. any additional suggestions? Tony

Would you care to upload the original image file and the lbrn file to this forum?

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