PWM Toning is here!

Oh snap! I just saw 1.2.03 can do PWM toning! If you have an RF-CO2 laser or an analog pot on your DC-excited LPS, a whole new world is open!
PWM toning creates far more detail and true shading over dithering. And, also game-changing, you can do structured burns much more reliably than with dithering. Structured burns can create very, very deep black on wood.

Could you explain what PWM toning is and how to do it ?

What is PWM in tuning?

quick google search …What is Pulse-width Modulation? Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a fancy term for describing a type of digital signal. Pulse width modulation is used in a variety of applications including sophisticated control circuitry.

Thanks for the reply
Does this function the same as dot width correction ?

False alarm. It’s there, but it doesn’t work yet in 1.2.04.

So far I only know how to do it on Ruida.

I’ll type some more up in a bit

Hi Danny,
Do you have any updates on PWM?

I have been trying to get PWM to work in the latest light burn software without any success.

I saw your post about PWM being in the latest update and got all excited until I saw that it was a false alarm.

I have a basic RONOS controller board in my diode laser, and with a very fundamental engraving program (“laser engraver”, LE) that came with my laser machine, I am able to do PWM.

So I know the machine has the capability of PWM.

I just need to figure out how to use it with light burn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,