QR Code did not work, will not read after burn on Tumbler

I need some help understanding what I did wrong engraving a tumbler with a QR code.

I am using a PiBurn 2.0 rotary tool, 41 roller diameter / 6500 steps per rotation

I was adjusting my steps per rotation until the tumbler rotated exactally one rotation, however that number 8200 produced a streched QR code. After several sample burns I got a perfectly square QR code at 6500 steps.

I have also tried changing the resloution from 250 to 350. Looking at the burn through a 30x jewelers loupe, the burns look perfect with extremely sharp edges.

I have made 12 practice burns, using 0.75" to 1.2" square sizes, my cell phone nor several others will read the engraved QR codes. When I preview the burn in Lightburn and shoot the QR code in the preview window with my cell phone, it always reads it. The QR Code in the preview window is not as clean and clear as any of those I have evgraved on my test tumbler.

What else can I try to get a readable QR Code on a tumbler?

Can you upload a photo of the tumbler as-is? I will try to read it.

Also, a screenshot of Preview would help in giving feedback.