¿Que diferencia hay entre el módulo Neje de 40w y 80w?

¿Que diferencia hay entre el módulo Neje de 40w y 80w, aparte del consumo eléctrico?

Can you link the specific modules you’re curious about? Any claims of 40W or 80W are suspect but I’m guessing in this case this is not on their official site as I thought that NEJE had indicated they would no longer be boasting input power claims.

40W → 7.5W optical A40630
80W → 15W (max 10 to 12W) optical dualbeam A40640
if you want to cut >3mm you need air assistent!!!

80W needs update firmware and 12V4A power supply

Gracias, por tu tiempo Stupsi,
Tengo el módulo A40640, el firmware lo actualice y mejoro el rendimiento, pero,¿Porqué hay que cambiar la fuente de alimentación eléctrica?

my master 2s pro A40640 comes with 12V/4A and it works without problems at 100% power.
my master 2s pro N40630 comes with 12V/3A power supply.
if its to less current you will get problem with 100% laserpower.
now neje sell with 12V/5A power adapter :slight_smile: