Question about $30 and settings in the software

Somehow my machine was set to 255 in $30, but the setting in lightburn was set to 1000… what exactly is happening? It seems like everything I tested burned and or engraved at a much much lower percentage of power. I really don’t know how this happened, but when I corrected it, everything is off… did I overclock the diode?

That setting defaults to 255 in older versions of GRBL, but 1000 in newer ones. The actual setting doesn’t matter much as long as the controller and LightBurn agree on what the number is.

You can’t over-power the diode this way - Having LightBurn set to 1000 if your laser is set to 255 means that you’d be using full power with any cut set to 25.5% or higher, but that’s all it would do. (25.5% of 1000 is 255 - any higher numbers would just clamp to 255)

When you say, “when I corrected it everything is off” - how so? ‘off’ doesn’t tell us what you’re seeing.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be a pita…what I mean is that I was running around 5 percent and now it’s higher at say 35 percent, or whatever. It isn’t a big deal, but I will say it seems not as loud now…I don’t know if you can hear a diode fire or not (I’m literally half deaf) but it does seem quieter. Anyway thank you for everything you do!

Make sure your machine has reasonable speed limits and you’re not exceeding them. Many of the 3018’s I’ve seen settings for have the max travel rates set very low, because they assume spindle use, not laser. If you tell the laser to go 100mm/sec, but the firmware settings limit it to 10mm/sec, for example, you’d only get 10% of the requested power output to compensate for the slower than requested travel speed.

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