Question about engraving speed

I purchased lightburn yesterday and up till that time it was the 30 day trail, now after registering it’s seems slower on engraving. Before I would engrave picture at 100speed now the same picture at 100 seems to take longer now, is there a reason this is happening?

Are you running the exact same job with the exact same settings? Did you by chance change the ‘Line Interval’? Increasing the number of lines in the scan can affect the job run time. Just my first guess as there are many settings that can change the time it takes.

Share a bit more details and we can go from there.

“100” isn’t a speed - 100 mm/second is, and so is 100 mm/minute, 100 inches/minute, etc. If you include the units you’re using it makes it much easier for us to troubleshoot.

If you’re engraving an image, and you set the DPI really high it can effectively choke the controller, slowing it down, so more information, including the settings you’re using for the image, would help.

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