Question about integration of line in lightburn


I have a problem with line merging, it’s that when I draw anything in AutoCad and put it into the program from a pdf, each line prints out individually, there is no continuity. Let’s say we have a square, for example, the first line is printed 3 times, then the next line is printed 3 times and so on until the whole shape is covered. Question - is it possible to combine lines so that the program sees them as one object and prints continuity :smile:? Unfortunately I could not find an answer to this anywhere. :slightly_frowning_face:

Best regards Wojciech S.

If you can export from Autocad in dxf or svg, I think it would be a benefit to you.

I’ve seen this happen.

If you select a single line and delete it, does it look like the line is still there? Sound like each of the lines are made of up three lines on top of each other. You can keep deleting them until it goes away… then ^Z to ‘undo’ the last deletion…

Ensure you don’t have that layer set for 3 passes :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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