Question about license deactivations

Hi. A query, I have changed the distribution of the workplace a couple of times and I have changed the equipment where I have Lightburn installed, always from the license management website and I have noticed that there is a box that says “Deactivations” and marks me 4 / 10, Does that mean that I can only deactivate and reactivate the license on another computer 10 times? Why is this so? If I change my license more than 10 times, it blocks me.

Thank you

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At this point, yes, your key has been set to allow a set number of activations / deactivations as a default. We do this to help prevent license abuse, but the number can be changed.

If you continue to require moving your license regularly, send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, with a link to this post, and we can bump the number to allow for more activations / deactivations on this key.

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We limit this to prevent license abuse and sharing. If you have a need to run the software on more machines, we can accommodate that, and we can also increase the deactivation limit arbitrarily.

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