Question about Macro for Corel Draw

Greetings all. I’ve just downloaded the trial to play with a bit. I’ve been using lasers for over a decade, and it’s primarily been with a Ruida. I recently upgraded to a trocen 608 which I really like for various reasons over the ruida, but I’m finding a few things in lasercad that are a little annoying, hence thinking of switching to Lightburn.

I got the trial downloaded, and one of things that is a must have for me is a corel draw macro to transfer to lightburn.

I followed the V3 document, and got it installed, and if I choose “Run Macro” I can get it to transfer files to Lightburn. However, I cannot for the life of me get a button to show up on Corel Draw X8 on the toolbar menu.

If theres an updated manual or updated install instruction, I’d be happy to give it a shot, but if anyone has any tips or tricks to get this working, I would be most obliged if someone could give me a hand.


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