Question About Official LightBurn Camera's Behavior

My camera arrived today, and even though I most likely won’t have time to do a full install until next week, I wanted to do a quick test to make sure the camera was functional. After testing, I wanted to make sure the following two behaviors are normal when using the camera via LightBurn .8.07.

  1. The camera has a lag/delay of 1 second or so
  2. The camera picture has a thin line of ripple/distortion about 1/5 the way down from the top of the image window whenever there is motion in the scene. Once the motion stops, the ripple disappears. If I rotate the camera in my hand, the ripple still stays in the same place in the viewing screen so that makes me think it is a software issue versus hardware issue.

I tested the camera using two laptops running fully updated versions of Windows 10 (I also tested using a desktop running Win7 but I think there may be a driver issue there). All three computers exhibited these two behaviors when using the camera via Lightburn. When I use the camera from within Skype, lag is much less and I do not see the ripple, so I am guessing it is a Lightburn issue.

There is lag, yes - The capture is happening at high resolution, and is intended for stills, not video, so this isn’t a problem. Skype is likely capturing at a lower resolution, which would give you higher throughput.

Better (brighter) lighting will usually increase the capture rate - the camera will leave the shutter open longer to compensate for dim lighting, and improving that will increase both the rate of capture and the image quality.

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Ok, thanks on #1.

And the #2 aberration in the image window? Normal or not?


Also normal - it’s probably just when the shutter opens / closes. If you do a still capture it shouldn’t be there.