Question about speed and quality

being pretty new to all this, I’m trying to steepen the learning curve, I have a cheap universal engraver with an upgraded 15W diode laser and a eleksmaker Mana SE 2 control board in order to complete project faster. The laser is working well at around 1000/100% speed and max’s out around 1500 with some noticeable quality loss. At 1500 I still get a good deep cut and I would like to be able to go faster to improve project time. At faster settings the completion time doesn’t change past 1500. What are my controlling factors on speed and quality. Is the control board not capable of staing ahead of the laser? Why do the stepper motor not go faster than 1500 is this a firmware setting (which by the way I have set at $110-$112=4000. Is there a way to achieve faster production speeds beyond these limits.

1500 what? 1500 mm/sec is different than 1500 in/min. And yes, there are limits to the speed of production of any given job. To start, the job itself (scan, cut, image engraving), the choose output material (some require more time to deposit enough energy to create change to material), controller, firmware and physical components (motors, frame, rail type, laser wattage output, etc.) are all factors that will determine your production speed and will need to be considered when tuning for maximum output for this system.

Sorry, yes 1500 mm/s seems to be the max productions speed the steppers will travel. I get plenty of depth of cut at 100%pwr in 1/8" plywood, so logically If I could go faster the laser could handle it but the quality drops (processing) and the motors won’t go any faster. Using v1.1H/GRBL.

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