Question on Boss LS 2440 Ruida 644XS controler

I have a few questions on the Ruida controller.

Lightburn has a setting PWM Frequency in line mode. Can I change my Ruida’s pulse frequency with this? What would the range setting be? I want to cut through wood and have been told to reduce the pulse frequency for a cleaner cut.

Is there a way on the Boss LS 2440 to increase the pulse duration when pressing the pulse button?
My service man is trying to measure the pulse strength and needs a longer pulse.

Question about Z offset in line mode. Will the Ruida respond to Z offset changed in different layers?

You have most likely been told this by people who own Epilog, Universal, or Trotec machines that use RF excited lasers, not glass tubes. They don’t behave the same.

Press the Z/U button on the controller, go to ‘Laser Set+’ and change the duration, or set the mode to continuous (on for as long as the button is held)

Yes, if you have Z control enabled in the device settings.

Thanks for the input. Just for my own info can I change the frequency? And what would the range be?

You can change it. I do not know what the range would be. I’ve not seen it make any difference whatsoever in output, but I’ve not played with it much. I added the field because it exists in the stock software provided by Ruida. You’d need to consult the controller manuals to find the valid range.

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