Question on LG releasing communication with laser after start or idle etc to run another laser

So…I can’t remember if prior to the latest upgrade if…when I have two separate instances of LB open running two different lasers if LB stopped holding coms with any particular laser after starting a job and running.
The reason I ask is I though ( and I could be mistaken) that I was able to have two instances of LB open for a 50 watt and a 60 watt laser each setup in LB and not having to pull the USB cord from say laser 1 after it started a job and was running for a few minutes just so I could start a job on laser 2.
Right now if I start a job on laser 1 with a separate LB pane open I have to pull the USB to start a job on laser 2 which has its own LB pane open…and yes each instance has the correct ruida profile open.
I thought in the prior version it dropped a hold on say laser 1 and I could start laser 2 without pulling the USB cord.
So as it sits the first laser I start it holds the com to that indefinitely until I pull the USB or shut off the laser and I thought this had been changed…
Or am I smoking something in my brain…

Versions prior to 0.9.21 actually held the communication to the device open the entire time LightBurn was running, so using a single laser with two copies of the software running was difficult.

The newer versions only connect when you send a command or a job to the laser, then disconnect immediately. That shouldn’t hurt your ability to run more than one laser, but you might have to pick a specific port now, instead of just leaving it on ‘(Auto)’. If you use the auto connect, it’ll grab the first one it finds.

o.k…that makes sense…cool…thanks…never messed with port settings…kind of obvious now…duhh

In the older versions, because the first copy of LightBurn would lock out the port it was connected to, the 2nd copy would fail to get that one, and grab the next one. Now, because they don’t hold the port open, both will get the first port they find, so you have to choose it manually.

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