Question regarding Fill+Line

I used my Redsail M900 today, to do fills/wood engraving for the first time. I was burning text inside a perimeter. I was using the “Fill + Line” setting, to get a good interior fill on the text, as well as a quick ‘smoothing’ run around the edges of the text after filling.

I’m curious/confused about the different speed/power settings in the “fill+line” box. At the top of the box is a speed/max power setting, and then under the “line+fill” box at the bottom of the screen is another speed/power setting.

I’m assuming one of these is for the "fill’, and one of these is for the “line”? Can you confirm which is which?


Speed and Power settings at the top of that screen are for the ‘Fill’ scan and the bottom set is for the ‘Line’ cut.

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I’ve changed the lower setting to just be “Line settings” for the next release to help clear this up.


I posted about this a few days ago and also had a question about line speed in the lower section. It seems to cut way faster than the setting in the lower window. Post title - Cut settings window

I saw the post and bookmarked it, I just haven’t had a chance to look into the behavior yet.