Questions about layout for multiple pieces on a single sheet

Hullo peoples lovely to meet you all!

I’m a retired architect and set designer and I’m turning my design and fabrication skills to making 1:24 scale miniatures.

I’m used to laying out pieces for cutting on a table saw where I try to make it so individual pieces share a cutting line to reduce waste.

Is that not possible with laser cutting? Must there be space between each piece? my son was under the impression that that was necessary. Will the layout I show here work? TIA

There is no need for space between your cuts… just keep a few things in mind, and plan accordingly.

  1. Much like your table saw, there is a “kerf” in a laser cut. Albeit a much smaller amount, but if the fitment of parts together is a concern, keep the kerf in mind. Building finger jointed boxes, for example. There are some YouTube videos on the matter that will help (I’m sure someone will list one or two here).

  2. The laser will do what you tell it. Meaning if there are two lines directly over each other, the laser head will still make two passes, even though it’s been there before. So if you combine your cuts in order to save waste, make sure to remove redundant passes of the laser. After all, when you were doing this with a table saw, you probably didn’t push the piece through the blade twice at the same setting, did you? Same thing.

The accuracy of the laser “blade” so to speak is much better than a spinning piece of steel ripping away at your material. Feel free to take advantage of that.

Just my $.02.

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Also, check out the remove overlapping lines function



Not necessarily, but sometimes allowing a few millimeters to soak up any surface charring / staining simplifies cleaning up the cut pieces.

This depends on a myriad factors, so I’d say snug everything together, eliminate duplicate lines, then do it differently the next time should any problems crop up.

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Thank you everyone!

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Read up on the “Nesting” feature within LightBurn.
I think that may be exactly what you’re wanting.

And watch some of these videos:

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