Questions about Virtual arrays and potential enhancements

With the Mac/version 1 stuff behind me for now I finally got around to playing with some of the cool new features in Version 1. LOVE the virtual array but I hit some stangs and I don’t know if I am doing it wrong or perhaps some enhancements would make it that much better.

Scenario 1

I drew out something that I wanted to cut a few more times like 10x4 :-D. Well I got done with the original and did the array and figured out oh I am missing something. In my head I just went and edited the original and it did not copy :-D. I can see why that is the case but… Is there an easy way to bind the edits to the original group and have it copy out? What I ended up doing was flattening the array and redoing it. Not that big of a deal but would make life easier.

Scenario 2

I needed to simulate something for a customer. I was doing hanging tags for a board and they wanted to visualize. So I just did the virtual array and moved it down to the board. I wanted the array centered to the board but what it did was center the original item on the board :-D. Again I understand why it might do that but it would still be nice to say center the array to some other item. My work around was again to flatten the array, group the array and center that. The downside to that approach is that if I want to edit the original thing you kind have to start over.

  1. If you created new shapes, you would need to add them to the array. Select anything in the array, and your new shapes, then right-click and choose ‘Add to Array’

  2. This is something that’s being worked on. Adam is going to make it so the alignment tools act on the array as a whole if you select something in a virtual array, but we’ll need to test how this feels to see how well it works in practice.

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Nice! Thanks. I will give that a go on the add to array. I guess I missed that somehow.

Very excited about the alignment tools with the array. Kind of new around here so I don’t know if you do beta on your features. If you do I would be more than willing to try and give feedback if you want.

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