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Hi. I have a new GRBL Laser (yet-to-be-used), two Windows 10 Pro machines (laptop and a PC) and a Debian 11 OS on my Linux PC.

I would like to be able to run LB on all 3 for designing, etc. Only the laptop will be driving the Laser.

Questions: Did I read the docs right stating that I can run LB on 3 machines if I purchase one license ?

Can I run LB offline on the Windows and the Linux PC’s while keeping he laptop online ?

Can I run LB within Oracle’s Virtual Box on my Linux PC ?

Do you have a LIFETIME License purchase option ?

Any other thoughts/suggestions you can include in your reply would be helpful.

Regards, Gil Blais

The normal license allows activation on 2 computers. If requested, LightBurn will grant activation to a 3rd computer.

If you need true offline activation that’s an option.

There is typically a VM restriction that I believe can be removed upon request depending on circumstances.

All licenses are lifetime in terms of ability to use the software that you purchased. What’s not lifetime is access to updates. So that means you have access to the latest software released during the time period for which your license is valid which is 1 year from purchase or renewal.

For any of the non-standard needs you’ve listed I’d suggest emailing to convey your request and for any other specifics.

When I asked about a LIFETIME license, I implied “with updates”.

Hmmm, I emailed support first and they said to post here ??? And they did not answer my questions either.
So, how do I get my answers ?

I’m not aware of any option with lifetime updates but you could ask.

Did you have additional questions not answered?

Perhaps for general information about how this works. To get the non-standard behavior implemented you would need support to do those things as I’ve indicated in the previous post.

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