Questions on Ortur LM2

I’m looking at purchasing the Ortur Laser Master 2. A couple questions:

  1. How important is ventilation?
  2. Would the laser/machine have any issues running in a hot/cold environment (<30 to >90 degrees)? Asking because I live in Minnesota and my non-climate-controlled garage may be my only space to use this.


Ventilation is mostly important indoors (housing) to avoid the fumes and smells to be inhaled

Regarding the laser itself depends greatly on what materials you will be engraving
Assuming you do not do plastics, which are toxic for YOU and the machine, i would recomend maybe if you plan to do a lot of cutting air assist to keep the lense clean as much as possible.

Regarding temperatures. The extremes are complex. Not because of the laser itself but the static charge that might build up on the frame on very low temperatures (-3ºc here atm for example)
Nothing grounding the frame wont fix

I believe the biggest element of disconfort on low temperatures tends to be the Human factor. At <30 you will freeze :slight_smile:

Thanks! Regarding ventilation, I definitely won’t be doing plastic - just wood. Are there any fumes to worry about? The smell of wood burning would be great!

And where can I find an air assist? I see them all over - hard to know which ones are good.

At least you won’t have to worry about your water cooled laser tube!

If I’m only engraving/cutting wood, are the fumes toxic?

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