Quetion about setup

Good Evening all,
A few question about setup for my 3018Prover using a fixed 5.5W blue laser from sainsmart.
So in the setup it says to adj. $31=1000 to $31=255
My machine was still set to 1000 so not sure how that was effecting my laser projects that I was burning?
Second question, once adj. to 255 dose it need to be put back to 1000 if I go back to using machine for CNC work?

Thank You

$31, $30 is the ‘top end’ and ‘bottom’ of the of the PWM. It is also the motor speed pwm range.

Lightburn is setup for a range of 0 to 1000, so that should be reflected in your settings. They have to match.

If you setup your grbl board by the instructions from Lightburn it explains that.

Save your current configuration before modifying it to run he laser. Then you can restore it to the original when you want to use it as a CNC.

Make sense?


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