R6445G - What is the latest Firmware?

I’m finally getting around to installing an R6445G in my 80 watts 32in x 15 in. laser. I would like to know what the latest stable firmware version? I have:


Is this the latest? If not, where can I find it? I can see the directory on the http://www.rd-acs.com/

I would not recommend an upgrade unless there is a reason or a specific bug.

I have a 6442, so mine is different.

Good luck


If you decide that upgrading is right for you I saw in a different post that @Dave01 has a google drive folder where he keeps an archive of these:

I just don’t like to tempt the ‘brick’ god… :crazy_face:


Thanks for the info. One other item, does anyone have screenshots for each of the screens for setting up the values? I would like to start out somewhere in the ballpark instead of wasting a bunch of time.

When I made my change, I watched Matt’s video on it and paused at the screen shots. But I did put a back up of my vendor settings file in there as well on my Google Page. If you’ve already installed it, power up with the steppers disconnected and load it. It’s for a 5070 machine with homing in the top right, but it will get you close. If you haven’t installed yet, all you need it the control panel plugged into the controller and a 24V source. That’s the way I programmed mine before actual installation.

Cool thanks. I didn’t know of Matt’s Youtube video page. I was watching Lightobject stuff. Thanks for the help.

Do you know where it’s supposed to home?

Where are the limit switches?


What ever corner your switches are mounted in. Most units home in one of the back corners, but that is a manufacturers choice. If you need or want to, you move the back sensors and reprogram your controller for the new home position and you’re done. Switches can be regular two wire mechanical switches, usually a lever switch of some sort. They can also be a small cube with three wires. Most have a built in LED that lights when tripped.

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