Radius button won't work

Hi, i can’t seem to get the button to work, i don’t get any notes on my square, what am i doing wrong.

Radius requires the shape to be paths, so if you draw a shape using the primitive shape tools within LightBurn, you will need to then select the shape and convert to paths. With the shape still selected, pick the Radius tool which will now show the corner points available to apply a radius. You will see the cursor change to reflect available radius points when you hover over a point.

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It’s amusing to me that the first way anyone tries to use the radius tool is by drawing a square. I should have anticipated this, and just made it auto-convert them to paths, but for things like text, I wanted it to be clear that you had to convert the object to a shape first, because then you lose the ability to edit it as text.


Thank you, It seems a bit of a stupid question now. That sorted it anyway.

Not intending to ridicule anyone - I’ve honestly done it myself, but because I wrote it, it’s obvious to me that I need to make it a path first. I should honestly make rectangles convert automatically, because I can, and it’ll make demos easier. :slight_smile:

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Been there done that with code I have written, that’s why beta testers are great, although the public are even better at finding bugs:-)

Oz, you have an outstanding product here, well done. And your response to questions has been second to none.



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No worries, I did not take it as anything but Help, Thank you guys for your help and your software is the best by far, I just use illustrator to do all my design work but as your software gets better the less i have to use it for a simple box with corners. awesome work.

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I fell for it also. Scratching my head when I drew my obligatory square to test out the new function. Reading an earlier post on the topic found the answer.

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