Ramp feature not working?

So I’m still testing lightburn - I’ve learned enough to engrave wood successfully but I’m now struggling with the ramp feature for making stamps. I’ve engraved a test design with 3 different ramp settings (0,1, and 2mm) and I see absolutely no difference in the results. I’m engraving thin lines spaced 3 mm apart and looking under a magnifying glass. The artwork is an imported png file, negative image, threshold mode. Controller is a brand new Trocen AWC7813. Suggestions?

Can you upload a sample .lbrn file here to review? Can do a sanity check to see if there’s anything in the design itself.

laser line test.lbrn2 (12.7 KB)
Thanks for taking a look. here it is.

Hmm… not sure if it’s because it’s a 100% black image but somehow ramp isn’t functioning for the sample. If you use a vector it works and other bitmaps seem to work correctly.

hmmmm interesting. Is it something you can see in the preview window? If so, can you upload a file where it does work and I can see what it should look like?

Yes. Make sure you have “Shade according to power” on.
I’ve added 2 examples to the attached file.

ramp POC.lbrn2 (73.7 KB)

it’s something in the settings…if I import my original image (in black) and put it on the same layer you created, it shows the ramp. I’ll keep digging. thanks for the help!

found it! you must select fill shapes individually instead of fill shapes at once. not ideal, but at least we know

Ahh… nice. Thought it was odd.

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