Ran a focusing test

on a steel plate my buddy gave me yesterday with my 100mm lens.

I ran my Fiber on it, engraving a 15mm x 15mm square on it with different settings. I FINALLY understand somewhat what Frequency does. I guy told me to consider it like Grit on Sandpaper.

Speed is how fast you run your orbital sander. Power is how hard you press with it. Frequency could be considered the Grit of it. Being a novice wood worker, it hit me.

Once I dialed in my 100 lens, I ran some of those squares just to see how different settings effected the steel. Even got some different colors too. Now I have to make a focusing stick to I just lower the head down until we’re snugg.

Wild… :slight_smile:

I think the frequency tells it how fast to pulse and the q-pulse tells it how long to pulse…

If it’s a higher frequency, the fiber has less time to pump up and therefore less power in the pulse.

If you can’t adjust q-pulse then you only have frequency control to determine the power of each pulse…

I think it comes down to pulses/mm roughly… Mine will go up to 4000kHz, but the JPT source manual says maximum power is 45kHz.

The grit comparison isn’t bad… this can be a nebulous area of interpretation…


nebulous ? Jack! Ya got to quit using those $5.00 words…

Yeah, I can get my head around “grit” when it comes to Frequency.

Odd, email has a slightly different message… ?

I have mine set to 12800 steps/rotation as that’s what the motor driver is set to.

This is digital to here so it should rotate the chuck one rotation and back with the test button…

You shouldn’t have to dial in anything that doesn’t have a mechanical component that causes it to induce an analog variance… such as a ratio created by a drive belt to the chuck.

If you wish to test it… the most simple is to use tape or something and mark the chuck against the rotary body and ensure it turns once and back with the test button in the rotary gui…

The larger item you have chucked up the more accuracy you can obtain.

Have you paid off that new fiber yet? :wink:

Good luck


Working on the pay off Jack, if I can get my tumblers to arrive from China… :wink:

I guessed at 12,800, and was lucky. I verified it with Emily from BWM via FB, and she confirmed it is indeed 12800. I finally got my numbers dialed in pretty good with it, with regard to power, speed, and freq. May try to actually burn a real one today after a bit more testing on one of my sacrificial tumbs.

I did a small test yesterday on Slate Coasters. I could never get them to look like my CO2 versions. That’s all fine and good. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time testing.

I’m going to attempt to test with some soda cans today, on engraving without a chuck, and using LB’s cylinder compensation shown here…

I’m also excited to get my polish steel pendants in to engrave some Beach Stuff so I can send samples to Florida. I think I can make some coins on those too.

Compensation for tumblers

I have better results with coasters on the fiber… I’ve done both…

These are from the fiber…

What kind of beach stuff are you doing?


Not bad there Skippy on the slate. I’ll give it another go or two.

I’m watching Roger Webb on the subject.
Slate from webb

Beach stuff, like; porpoise images, with Panama City Beach Florida engraved on it. Sea life stuff or palm trees and the such. Souvenirs stuff. I found a supplier in China of course. Each piece with chain will cost me a buck, and I should be able to sell them to my customer for 2.00’sh or so.

Necklace Sample coming

One side is polished, the other isn’t. I have 25 pcs coming for testing.