Random Cutting Issues

Having some random issues with my machine…
Cutting a complete square or rectangle (tried circles too) and the machine randomly cuts a weird shape & and then it’s as if the laser is still firing as it finishes then goes back to its origin & doesn’t finish cutting it either.

I am using lightburn & a Ruida controller.
I’ve tried restarting my laser machine, restarting my laptop, changing USB cords, uninstalling & reinstalling lightburn, uninstalling & reinstalling the laser on lightburn, opening a different file to test again.
It works ok with a different program & sometimes

ok in lightburn but then randomly does this again!


Don’t use USB. If you must, buy a good quality ‘choked’ USB cable and ‘send’ your job, don’t ‘start’.

They gave you ethernet for a reason :slight_smile: The USB port on Ruida controllers is slooooow.

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