Random cutting on large nest

What am I missing when setting up large nest of the same object? I need the laser to finish cutting all of the part before moving onto the next. I have the whole part welded, set to cut inside first, in direction order from the right. What is happening is the laser will cut the inside cutouts, skip the outside, go to another part, cut the inside and skip the outline again to come back to the previous cut to finish the outline.

If it’s not doing this, it will complete a cutout, skip over a few on the same line and cut that object out to travel back across the bed to cut the next object that was right next to the original starting point.

It would help if you could

  1. post the .lbrn2 project file
  2. any kind of photo or video showing what it’s doing

There are many ways to nest things… so I have little clue as to exactly what you are doing… making suggestions not easily forthcoming.


What problem will doing it that way avoid?

As a rule of thumb, you cannot force any particular order on the cuts. The layer / group sequence and optimization settings provide overall guidance, but the details pretty much happen on their own.

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