Random engrave width

So im totally stumped on what is happening here. I looked around online and couldn’t find any answers that solve the issue. These were cut using the exact same settings(except for three of them but the change didnt seem to have any affect) in the exact same place with the exact same peice of wood. The lines seem to cut just fine but the engraving part seems to change width randomly. It seems to mostly be happening on the y axis.

None of the images appear disjointed…

Are these engraved individually one after the other and are these fine characters engraved standing upright on the screen?

If so, this all points to loose mechanical components in the X-Axis. If you find nothing loose or contributing to lost motion the next thing to consider is slowing the acceleration in the settings to reduce the jump or wheel-slip in the X direction.

It seems to only ‘jump’ between Characters… as opposed to jumping in the middle of producing a character.

Its may be a little hard to tell at first but if you look at the top left one its kind of squished compared to its outine

Ok i think you may have been right with the acceleration. I didnt expect x axis acceleration to affect the y axis like it did. Unless I somehow jave been getting them mixed up this whole time

X is usually Left to Right on the screen and facing the engraver.

Y is Full of forum fun because it’s up and down on most screens and front to back on the bed of the engraver.

Some days I don’t know which way is up… :slight_smile:

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