Random offset of printing result

I have random offset of the engraving: 1mm in the left or right direction. It began six month ago with SVG files. In the forum users sayed that one should use PDF instead of SVG to solve the problem. Thus I changed to PDF. Everything was fine until this week when same problem occured with several PDF files. What can I do?

I am unsing Lightburn since 2 1/2 years on a 64 bit Win 10 Notebook. It is a 60x40 CO2 Laser with Cohesion3D Laserboard with smoothie firmware. I have the latest LB Version. In the first 2 years I had no problem at all and nothing has been changed except of upgrading lightburn every few month.

Please help me


Show an example and the settings used, so we can “see” what you are talking about. Do you see this “random offset” in the ‘Preview’?

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