Random Stopping and Odd Stuff Happening

Running Lightburn on my X-Carve with and Opt Laser with no issues.
Since updating to 1.1.04 the software is acting a bit funky.
When I first power up the software and it connects to my machine, if I press the move (in x,y or z) it moves twice (like its been double clicked) this is odd. Then when i try to do any job ot stops after about 15 seconds and the software hangs. I have to quit the software and reopen it.
This never did this on previous versions of Lighburn.
As i said before, this is on an X-Carve and I have no issues with carving or using any other software (I use CNCjs for my carving and the controls on that for moving machine work fine)
Has anyone got any suggestions, or better still solutions?
Thanks in advance.

One X-Carve user had unexpected success by toggling the DTR setting on.
Have a look at the Device Settings.

Would this have changed when I installed update for latest lightburn? I’ll give it a shot anyhoo. Thanks.

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