Random Stopping, says it's BUSY!

Has anyone else experienced random stoppages with Lightburn and the latest update? Randomly stops and says it’s busy runs off time. Ruined 4 Projects. looking at other options.

The next time your laser stops, please save and share the GCode of the project you’re running (‘File’ > ‘Save GCode’)- that will help us to see if there’s anything in your settings that could be causing this. If you see any Alarm or Error messages in your Console window when it stops, please share those as well.

Most often, random stops mean your laser is losing connection due to a loose USB connection, a USB port sleeping, static discharge causing the controller to reset, or insufficient power supply leading to a brown out condition.

Check your USB connection, and try a new, high quality, shielded USB cable. Route your USB so that it avoids the stepper motors or anything else that could cause electrical interference. Make sure that your machine is properly grounded. Make sure there are no devices on the same circuit as your laser that could be causing a power drop or brown out.

Here are some resources to help you troubleshoot these issues:

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