Randomize cut order


Is there a way in Lighrburn to randomize the cut order within a shape?

I have a circle with several hundred small (we are talking 1mm) circles spaced within less then 1mm from each other (cross stitch bases). When the machine cuts them in lines, even a fraction of a milimeter unplanned shift is visible in the final product, because the whole line is shifted. I rotated the shape by 45 degrees, so it jumps from one line to another, but it still isn’t prefect. I imagine that if the order in which it cuts the inner circles is completely random (it would take longer, but it would be worth ti), the shifts wouldn’t be visible. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

There isn’t a simple way to do this, however if your machine is shifting when running these, you’re likely doing them too fast, or your acceleration is too high, and the machine is missing steps.

You could try adding a very small delay to the cut start, so the machine pauses momentarily at the beginning of each, as that would likely be enough to break up any resonance happening, and might be enough to fix it all by itself. The delays are in milliseconds, so 1000 is one second. I would start with 10ms, just to see if that helps at all, possibly go as high as 50 to 100. At 100ms, every 10 circles would add 1 second to the final time, so it’s not a huge amount.

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