Randomizing Path of Engrave

Hey LB guys. I engrave my living hinges (see attached file) rather than cut them because the adjacent paths are so close that the wood gets hot and burns easily. Because I used closed paths I chose to engrave them in order to reduce the heat. I could probably cut on a lower power if I chose and run several intervals and it would be faster but I like this result.
To the question,
If you run this engraving on the green layer you will see a crazy way that LB chose to go about it. I actually would like to know HOW I could get it to happen though a little less scattered. Why did LB run this path? Was it my design? There were no groups. Is there an efficiency option that I could select so if the cuts were very close together they might be considered for a delay. I guess they could be done in layers separately also.

You’ll have to close some open edges.( I have to ‘Autojoin’ before I ‘Close Path’. Why is that?)

Maybe too much. Answer if you care to. Ok if not too OT

man that was a ramble : )

: )Hinge Box

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