Randomly stops engraving

I see a lot of posts about people having the same problem and wanted to share my experience.
I have ran this same laser machine (130 watt red/black w/ Ruida controller) for the past 6 years using RDWorks V8 (Thunder Laser) free software and never once has it just stopped.
I bought Lightburn, Installed it on different Windows 10 machine, I am using my house ethernet network to transfer the file to the laser machine.
Using LightBurn, it just would rendomly stop!
So Installed the old RDWorks free software and now it engraves without fail again.

My point is no laser hardware changed, for me its not some static charge build up.
But until the developer gets down to the real root cause of this issue, I am simply going to go back to using RDWorks.

It’s nearly impossible to suggest much from your description. I have a Ruida also and it’s never been a problem like you describe. I think I understand the frustration.

Are you using the ‘send’ or ‘start’ options?

Does the Ruida control panel have any indications or it is it appear to ‘think’ it’s running.?

It’s a strange problem…


I had a similar problem, many moons ago. I was able to track it down to an occasional use network device which was configured with the same IP address as the laser.

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