Randomly stops moving along Y axis

Using a Foxalien 4040-XE in PC mode with grbl controller.

I have this issue where the foxalien will randomly stop moving along the Y axis. Not sure if this is a hardware issue or something I am doing wrong in the settings. I have emailed FoxAlien support as well.

While doing fill, it will randomly stop moving along the Y axis but continue moving on the X axis. The result is a line running along the middle of the project. It’s never the same place. Sometimes it gets all the way through the project with no problems.

I have tried two computers. I thought maybe my computer was going to sleep so I set the power settings to never go to sleep when plugged in. Not sure what else to look at but it has ruined several projects.

Looks similar to the post from Chris here.

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I think this may have been a problem in the version of lightburn before 1.04 (1.03). I haven’t had the problem since I upgraded both my design and production computers to 1.04. I did have my production computer upgraded to 1.04 but my design computer version was still at 1.03. I think the problem was in the file when created using 1.03.

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